Ohio Is Working to Reduce Pain In Addiction Riddled Families

Ohio Is Working to Reduce Pain In Addiction Riddled Families

Drug addiction is a terrible disease that controls your mind. When an addict wants drugs they will do anything in their power to get it. They might not want to lose things or people in their life but that is the price they are willing to pay for these drugs. This behavior is not voluntary, but a response to physical dependency. Those who become addicted to substances, which have dominion over the brain’s neurotransmitters, are subjected to the physical and psychological tolls addictive substances wreak.

One thing that an addict might lose while having this addiction is their child or children. Battling a drug addiction often disqualifies parents from raising their children safely in the eyes of the law. Once a child is taken away, parents will have to take some difficult steps in order to get them back. Ohio county officials are trying to change the whole game plan and find a better action plan when it comes to families and addiction.

According to the Newark Advocate, between 2009 and 2013, children services cases that are related to drugs has almost doubled. Ohio is trying to find a better way to address these instances of familial unrest. They have received a $309,000 federal grant to change the influence drugs have on families. Also state officials are trying to get care for the families riddled by addiction. They understand addiction is a problem, and if they can get them the help they need they won’t have to go through the heart wrenching process of tearing families apart.

Basically, Ohio is giving families a second chance. They are trying to dig into the deeper problem instead of taking the easier route. It’s showing that they care about the families.

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