How Painkillers Are Turning Young Athletes into Addicts

How Painkillers Are Turning Young Athletes into Addicts

When moms are pregnant and they find out that they’re having a little boy they instantly bring out the basketballs, footballs, and baseballs. They decorate the nursery with their favorite sports team, and make sure everything is blue. Nothing prepares a mother to discover that her child has a drug addiction because they became a victim of addiction by playing their favorite sport. Too many times when players are injured on the field, doctors are the first to write addictive opiate medications. Without the proper guidance those very same medications can lead to lifelong addiction.  A week later after taking the medication players can become addicted. How can that be?

Roman Montano was very versatile when it came to sports. He could play basketball and football, but he was outstanding when it came to baseball. While playing Roman injured his foot and needed surgery to alleviate his pain. Roman decided to not have the surgery; instead he took Oxycontin that relieved his pain. Roman became addicted to the medication and before graduation he found something else that was cheaper but could still give him the perfect high: heroin. In the month of May, Roman was found in his car with a syringe in his arm, he was dead from a heroin overdose,  according to Sports Illustrated.

Roman could still be alive today if we wasn’t given this prescription drug. Doctor’s know the destruction that this drug can do but it seems like they don’t care. When will lives start to matter, especially the lives of children?

When you look into the sports world many stupendous players have problems with drug addictions. One name that everyone knows is Michael Phelps. Phelps is an Olympic gold medalist swimmer also known as the human fish. Michael was caught smoking marijuana. Another known name is Darryl Strawberry. Darryl was a World Series champion who couldn’t leave cocaine and alcohol behind. He recently got a gig for one episode with his daughter, Diamond strawberry on the popular show Love and Hip Hop New York. Kids look up to champions like this, but are they setting a suitable example?

Drugs change the brain so it takes more than willpower for a person to quit drugs. That’s why it is so hard for a person to stay clean, when their body is used to something they will do anything to get it. Roman’s mother is quoted by Sports Illustrated,


“You know what really breaks my heart? My son knew he was meant to be an athlete. Sports was his first addiction. He just ran into another addiction that was so much more powerful.”


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