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Heroin Rehab in Newark, NJ

Drug Rehab Newark Will Get You On a Path Towards Sobriety Through Heroin Rehab

Understanding heroin addiction begins with the examination of the cause of abuse. Identifying what triggers heroin addicts to use drugs is pivotal to understand how to prevent future relapses. Specialized heroin rehab is designed to treat the unique symptoms of heroin related addiction.

Understanding Heroin Addiction & How Drug Rehab Newark Can Help

Once heroin addiction strikes, it’s impossible to get rid of by yourself. Quitting cold turkey is an ineffective way to recover from heroin addiction. Heroin addiction robs you of your entire life, including your career, relationships, and family. Addiction will leave you stranded without any avenues of relief. Drug Rehab Newark is an award winning drug rehabilitation center in Newark, New Jersey. We are dedicated to providing effective treatment to ensure that heroin addiction will never control your life again- but you need to make the first step to get help. Drug Rehab Newark is here to guide you.

Heroin is an opiate based drug that originates from the poppy plant; heroin is a derivative of morphine, and converts to morphine in the body when it is injected, snorted, or otherwise consumed. As a narcotic analgesic, or a potent pain killer, heroin depresses the central nervous system into a state of feigned euphoria. This bliss is the principal stimulant that heroin addicts are chasing.

The euphoria of heroin is not long lasting, and is followed by nodding fits; wherein heroin users fall in and out of consciousness. The gripe of heroin is absolutely compulsory; heroin addicts, in the later stages of addiction, will take the drug under any set of circumstances, despite the dangers that are posed to them. In New Jersey a number of car accidents occur because heroin addicts are abusing heroin while driving.

Where the Need for Heroin Rehab Begins

There is no one entry point to addiction; like the thousand doors to death, addiction originates for a variety of reasons. If we approach addiction as a multi faceted entity, we can identify a few key factors contributing to addiction:

  •  Heroin Rehab in Newark, NJ photoEnvironmental Stimulus. In New Jersey particularly, there is a dominant presence of heroin use. But where does heroin use originate from, and why is it so concentrated in New Jersey?The answers aren’t simple, or clear cut. However, government official Charlie Christie has recently championed a campaign against drug use and heroin addiction, specifically targeting medical practices for prescribing unnecessary opiate based medication to patients without the medical merit for potent opiate painkillers.In a nutshell, doctors are prescribing patients addictive medications without the medical merit.
    Once the opiate enters the patient’s body, there is a chemical reaction that takes place in the central nervous system, creating a biological imprint on opiate receptors. If the opiate medication is taken on a regular basis (which is typical for a prescribed medication) the patient’s body will become physically dependent on the opiates that are being absorbed in the bloodstream.When a patient has finished their prescription duration they are cut off from legal their supply of opiates. As a direct effect of the physical and psychological dependencies patients develop, they turn to the streets to satisfy their need for opiates. Pain medications are exorbitantly priced, and can cost more than $20 per pill.To remain economically sustainable, most people who are addicted to opiate based prescriptions, like vicodin, submit to heroin, which is exceedingly less expensive. Once patients start on the road of heroin their chances of suffering a fatal overdose are exponential.
  • Genetic Disposition. Being aware of genetic dispositions for abuse in your family lineage is an essential tool that you can use to your advantage when you are deciding to take new medications. Alerting your medical professional of a history of abuse in your family, or your own personal experience, can have a significant impact on the medications that are prescribed to you.However important your genetic disposition to heroin and addictive substances may be, your environment will always influence your decisions. If you grow up in an environment of abuse, without the genetic disposition for abuse, you are more likely abuse drugs yourself. Conversely, those who are subjected to environments of drug abuse can lead healthy lives free of the fetters of addiction.

Have any of these factors contributed to your drug addiction? Don’t continue to remain a victim of circumstance. Call to take the first step to get help for drug addiction today, (973) 947-8129.

The Effects of Heroin Addiction

Drug Rehab Newark specializes in helping teens and adults recover from heroin addiction-137x206Heroin is a potent illicit substance that is highly addictive; 26% of people who use heroin will become heroin addicts. When substance abusers take heroin their opiate receptors are bogged down with the inorganic substance. Opioid receptors help the brain process what is pleasurable, and stimulate the reward centers, which is a direct correlation as to why heroin addicts become chronic users quickly.

Heroin depresses the body, and lulls its users into a state of false euphoria, which is hastily interrupted by nodding fits. Drug Rehab Newark specializes in treating heroin addiction, and helps patients to avoid going through the painful process of withdrawal.

Heroin addiction often spawns an onset of conditions that are induced by the use of heroin, including, but not limited to:

  • Morbid depression
  • Debilitating anxiety
  • Manic depression, or bipolar disorder
  • Abuse of multiple substances
  • Economic ruin
  • Severe personality deficiencies and disorders
  • Eating disorders

Don’t be the victim of heroin withdrawal. To receive specialized drug treatment call (973) 947-8129.

Heroin Rehab Treatment with Drug Rehab Newark

Treating heroin addiction takes a tactful hand which is well versed in the complications of opiate addictions. At Drug Rehab Newark we addresses the inner psychological dependencies that cause heroin dependency, by providing 24/7 medical care to patients. Our drug treatment services have been proven to provide the most effective drug treatment in Newark, NJ. Our facility provides each level of drug rehabilitation, beginning from medical detox, drug rehabilitation, and concluding with sober living communities. During each stage of treatment our accredited addiction counselors help patients overcome addiction and the habits of abuse.

The heroin drug rehab process is different for everyone, and differs directly relating to their degree of addiction. Below is an outline of different heroin rehab treatment options:

Inpatient Heroin Rehab Facility. Inpatient heroin rehab is designed for people in the throes of heroin addiction who are unfit to be left alone because of the dangers of relapse. In inpatient rehabilitation patients undergo extensive therapy to resolve the inner circumstances perpetuating abuse.

In other words, inpatient rehabilitation takes its patients inward to obliterate the chances of returning to drugs. Fatal relapses are common among heroin addicts who only employ abstinence based treatment (AA, NA and related 12 step programs). Inpatient heroin rehab utilizes a myriad of medications that stave off the urge to use heroin by providing the body with an opiate that will not intoxicate them, while also including extensive therapy.

In other words, medically assisted drug rehabilitation seeks to medicate heroin addicts with medications that will satisfy the biological urges of addiction, without the adverse effects of heroin.

Common Medicines for Heroin Rehab

Drug Rehab Newark offers effective heroin rehab treatment for overcoming heroin addiction.Methadone. Is an opiate based medication that replaces heroin without the debilitating effects of illicit opiate substances. Essentially, methadone prevents patients from getting “high” off of heroin by blocking the reward receptors that heroin stimulates.

Methadone has been proven to stave off the heroin urges, and can help patients live normal lives, without the continual allure to abuse heroin. Methadone also helps stave off withdrawal, and prevents patients from getting sick while transitioning from heroin to methadone treatment.

Suboxone/Buprenorphine. Also derived from opiates, buprenorphine fulfills the biological urge for opiates. Like methadone, buprenorphine inhibits the body from experiencing the euphoria attributed to heroin use. Conversely, if heroin addicts relapse while taking buprenorphine they will not feel the effects of heroin, because their opiate receptors are suppressed by buprenorphine.

Naltrexone. Unlike its counterparts, naltrexone is in a class of its own, as it is not an opiate based medication. Naltrexone is administered in a monthly dose and prevents patients from feeling the pleasurable effects of narcotics and opiates. Since this medication is not an opiate, it does not cause withdrawal once patients are strong enough to function without it.

Naltrexone can also be used to treat alcoholism, and has been proven to decrease the amount of alcohol consumed.

If you’re considering drug addiction treatment, call an addiction professional to get expert advice on which treatment option is best for your specific needs. Call (973) 947-8129 to talk to a representative.

Outpatient Heroin Rehab. Once the allure of heroin has been abated by healthy venues of coping with stress and intense emotions, heroin addicts can move onto outpatient heroin rehab. Outpatient rehab at Drug Rehab Newark allows recovering substance abusers to return home and resume their lives with a semblance of normalcy. Patients continue their therapy, and attend drug rehabilitation facilities in Newark in close proximity to their homes.

Patients at Drug Rehab Newark are typically expected to attend therapy 3-4 times a week, and are required to submit to drug tests. Addiction professionals will continue to monitor their psychological progression and provide patients with comprehensive assessments and recommendations for the future, including treatment, employment, and proposed living arrangements.

Heroin Recovery is a breath away with Drug Rehab Newark’s heroin rehab treatment-302x248Heroin Sober Living Communities. After heroin deox, inpatient rehabilitation, and outpatient rehab, Drug Rehab Newark invites patients to live in sober living communities. Similar to halfway houses, sober living communities allow for independent living, but gives patients the opportunity to surround themselves with past abusers who are striving to live their lives without using drugs.

This powerful environment rejuvenates ex-addicts and allows them to become effective in the recovery of others. Conversely, on days that patients are struggling with urges to use heroin, they can turn to anyone in their community and receive continual support.

Sober living communities are monitored by addiction counselors, and provide their residents with comprehensive drug tests, encouraging continued sobriety.

Understanding Heroin Addiction WIthdrawal

When heroin addicts attempt to monitor their own withdrawal symptoms the results can be disastrous, and often lead to immediate relapse. Some addicts take years before they attempt to treatment again. Drug Rehab Newark treats patients for the following symptoms:

  • Body spasms
  • Profound heroin cravings
  • Convulsions
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Intensive therapy
  • Insomnia
  • Feeling unexplainably cold
  • Muscle pain
  • High fever

Don’t wait another day to enroll in drug treatment. Drug Rehab Newark provides you with a safe environment to combat symptoms of withdrawal. Don’t hesitate, and call today to speak with an addiction professional, (973) 947-8129.

Treating Heroin Addiction at Drug Rehab Newark

Addiction treatment is an intensely personal ordeal for each individual. Undergoing heroin rehab with Drug Rehab Newark is one of the first steps to living a life of happiness and longevity. Avoiding relapse is our prime objective at Drug Rehab Newark. We know that heroin addiction is impossible to overcome alone. We provide clients with individualized heroin rehab treatment plans, and help recovered addicts plan for the future. Drug Rehab Newark helps patients to reconnect with family and friends.

Everyone experiences rehabilitation differently. The first step is to make that life changing phone call right now. It could save your life. We provide

  • 24/7 Medical Support & Monitoring
  • Group Therapy
  • Drug Addiction Counselors
  • Extensive Lifestyle Coaching
  • Yoga & Meditation Sessions
  • Lush Open Outside Area for Relaxation
  • Physical Therapy Sessions
  • Weekly Barbecues
  • Open Snack Area
  • Full Salon & Spa
  • Private Spacious Rooms
  • Gourmet Meals

To speak to a knowledgeable representative about heroin rehab in Newark call (973) 947-8129.