What You Should Know About Marijuana Addiction

The new war on marijuana

The war on drugs is coming to a close in America, and in the wake of the criminalization of drug crimes, medical and recreational marijuana are enjoying basking in the freedom of legally sanctified use in multiple states across the nation. At this point a federal authorization of marijuana nation wide is far from plausible, but in the coming decades that reality may manifest itself. According to Poloti Fact, marijuana entangles half of the people who use it on a daily basis in a deadly dance of addiction.

Being dependant on marijuana and using marijuana are two different distinctions that are often blurred in the public’s eye. Those who are dependant on a substance are physically and psychologically reliant on a substance to feel normal. Additionally, addiction is usually coupled with needing an ever increasing amount of a substance, as the body’s tolerance deadens the effect of drugs over time.

According to Politi Fact: “5.4 million people reported using marijuana daily or almost daily. A more detailed table. . . shows 2.69 million people — just shy of 2.7 million– with dependence on marijuana and hashish.”


Health Risks of Marijuana

  • Increases your heart rate as much as two times its normal rate, possible ensuing a heart attack
  • Increases bleeding
  • Lowers blood pressure, and effects blood pressure
  • Suppression of the immune system
  • Reduced ability to retain and understand information
  • Paranoia
  • Shallow breathing

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