Rutgers University Introduces Drug Rehab Program for Students; Recovering Addicts Claim Top GPAs

Rutgers University Introduces Drug Rehab Program for Students; Recovering Addicts Claim Top GPAs

Fledgling college students brim with anticipation to meet their new college roomie to go on shopping adventures, have all say sports marathons, and run amok while they explore the happenings of their new campus. Many can’t wait to gain the freshman 15 meaning neophyte freshmen get to eat anything they want since their parents are not there watching everything going into the mouths of hungry college goers. The excitement of tearing to one’s dorm to put the magic touch on the room that one will begin the rest of their lives in is exhilarating for most. Some just slap posters on their walls and call it a day. Many lazy, yet well intentioned students score websites like Rate My Professor to seek out the easy A classes and easy professors who won’t mind if their students are 15 minutes late for class. Don’t forget there are extracurricular and clubs to plan for too- but for some, among classes and frolicking, there comes a time to attend rehab meetings.

Rutgers University, located in Newark, New Jersey, is doing phenomenal things when it comes to their rehab programs. This State University was the first college in the county to grant aid and housing to young students who have struggled with addiction. Their program has a sobriety rate of 95 percent while 98 percent of the students stay in the program. The students have to go through meetings and different group activities. These students also excel in school the average gpa is a 3.2 which is higher than some of the students who attend this school who are not addicts, according to nj.

This program is amazing in so many different ways. Even though students are struggling to beat addiction they are putting maximum effort in their school work. Most of the students that go through this program succeed- meaning students are actually completing the program to the end, and encouraging other struggling students to enroll in the program. If other schools adopt this idea it can decrease the amount of young students who have a drug addiction. Most likely if a student is on drugs while attending college they will drop out or get expelled. This program is not only cutting that number down, they are trying to make sure that is doesn’t happen at all. Rutgers University is dedicated to the success of these students.

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