Rates Increase: Ohio Babies Born into Addiction

Rates Increase: Ohio Babies Born into Addiction

When babies are brought into this world it is a happy moment not only for the mom but the whole family. You are supposed to deliver your baby and in about three days or so your child will be healthy enough so you can take him or her home. Once you get home with your new bundle of joy you take them on a tour around the house and show them the room you worked on for months awaiting their arrival. Once they get settled in you start to enjoy your baby and they start enjoying you. The only problem is this story doesn’t always happen. It can be months before a mom can take her child home. Some moms won’t even be able to hold their child and experience the first precious moments they can never get back. The cause of this? Their babies are born into addiction.

The state of Ohio has seen an increase in the number of babies that are born with neonatal abstinence syndrome, which is basically a withdrawal from drugs that their mother used to take. In the year of 2013 five babies that were going through withdrawal were admitted to an Ohio hospital every day, according to Newark Advocate.

When you think of drug addiction you don’t think it would be a newborn baby that will have to battle the disease. They really didn’t make the decision to take the drug, it was the mother’s and now they have to suffer from it. Nurses that work with these babies are heartbroken when they see the pain that newborns have to go through not even being two days old. In order to sooth the newborns, nurses can hold them for at least four hours at one time. They will do anything to see them overcome addiction, no matter what it takes.

Ohio officials are trying to stop addiction with pregnant mothers before it gets passed down to the child. They are offering different treatment programs and are offering help with the babies. When a mom takes the steps to get rid of this addiction she knows that it is not only about her life anymore but it is about her child’s life now.

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