Mike Tyson Speaks at Newark Drug Court Graduation

Mike Tyson Speaks at Newark Drug Court Graduation

Drug Court is another option for drug offenders. Usually this option is given when the offender crime is non-violent. The whole point of Drug Court is for offenders to get the help they need instead of being locked up. State officials control how long the program should be but participants must complete the whole program. In order to complete the program offenders must receive treatment, go back to school and receive their GED, and maintain a job to pay off any fines or save up for after the program. This program helps addicts and also gives them something to complete when most of them have never completed something in their whole life.

Mike Tyson, former heavyweight champion of the world, spoke at a Newark drug court graduation. Tyson struggled with drug addiction most of his career. Tyson has been clean over 4 years and wanted to speak at this graduation for free. Tyson warned the 17 graduates that this is only the first step and more tasks will be in you way and you must put your best foot forward to not fall back in that hole. Tyson also shared personal information and talked about how his mother was an addict and that led him to his own addiction that he struggled with for a while. The Essex County program has more than 600 participants and it usually takes 5 years for someone to complete their program, according to nj.

Having a celebrity speak at the graduation showed that famous people go through the same thing as regular Joe’s. It also shows that if Tyson can overcome his addiction you can do the same thing. This program has expanded over the years and is helping addicts beat this disease. The program is expected to receive more than 200 participants next year.

“I don’t look at life through those frames because that’s nothing but a gateway to getting high again, thinking I’m something special,”

Tyson said.

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