Drug Drop-Off Sites are Now Statewide in New Jersey

Drug Drop-Off Sites are Now Statewide in New Jersey

Usually drug addicts don’t have a safe haven where they can relieve their stress but also find the help that they need. Some say that addicts only want to get help when they have reached rock bottom. That might be true for some cases but not all. Sometimes it only takes an addict to lose an important item or a loved one. When it’s time for addicts to find help they often don’t know the first place to start.

The first place they might go to is to a family member’s house and ask for help. But many families who have been riddled with the disease of addiction grow suspicious because of the past things those suffering from untreated addiction use disorders have done while addicted to drugs.

Next an addict might try to enroll themselves into a rehab center, but many are barred from doing so because of their financial standing, or due to overcrowding. Getting help starts to look like futile, until teh police station steps in.

More than seven police departments have created drop boxes where addicts can dispose of drugs without any consequences. Police departments have created this new disposal because community drug levels have increased dramatically. Within the 50 states they have collected more than 2,000 tons of illegal drugs. Addicts are starting to trust police even though in the not-so-distant-past they could get arrested by surrendering drug paraphernalia to officers, according to delawareonline.

This is a different option for drug addicts. Once they give up their drugs they can ask for help and officers will recommend them to a rehab center or shelter that could help them. All drop boxes are available 24/7 and are creating a different bond with police officers and drug addicts.


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