Cops Arrest 32 for Drug-Trafficking Operations in New Jersey

Cops Arrest 32 for Drug-Trafficking Operations in New Jersey

New Jersey State Police arrested, and trying to convict 32 men who created two huge drug rings. Two of them were a former police officer, and a Ocean County employee. Law enforcement officials took down two notorious drug rings in the heart if Middletown and Beachwood, according to news reported by App.  Once the investigation was reported, state police officers said that they distributed cocaine,marijuana, and also medical pills that included over the counter medications. “Operation Tidal Wave” was responsible for charging over 20 people in the bust.The people that were charged in this bust was from Ocean and Monmouth counties.

Since one of the leaders was a police officer he knew the ins and outs when it came it to drugs, and drug busts. For example him be able to review cases, and actually see how other criminals got caught he was able to receive that information, and go back to his group of men to see how they could pull this off. In my opinion I don’t think there two drug-trafficking rings wouldn’t have lasted that long if he didn’t have experience, and had the connections. Also police officers arrest big time drug dealers all the time, he could of contacted one to get all the supply he needed so they could sell it for a higher price, and make there profit.

Drug-Trafficking pins like this one show how drugs poison our communities. In order to get these harmful drugs off the street we must take down the distributors like this one. It has got so bad that distributors don’t even need dealers to sell the product. They have started selling drugs on the internet. The create a private web address so it won’t be able to get tracked down. Once you order the drugs they create ups numbers, and ship the drugs off. State officials have to find a way to take these drug down.

“Ring members allegedly were dealing large quantities of heroin and prescription pills in Monmouth and Ocean counties, which have been particularly hard hit by the devastating epidemic of opiate addiction sweeping the nation and New Jersey,”


said state Attorney General John J. Hoffman, as quoted by App.

It’s great that we got these drug dealers off the street, but our law enforcement officers have to be faster when pursuing drug rings. Before the 32 alleged offenders were locked up, they seemed pretty sure they were too sly and successful to get caught. Our efforts in law enforcement should make such an impact statement that will ensure drug trafficking doesn’t have a hope of survival.


 Has there ever been a drug bust in your area?

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