What is Rehab?

What is Rehab? photo

What is Rehab?

Have You Asked Yourself: “What is Rehab?” Drug Rehab Newark Will Help You Break the Chains of Addiction

Drug Rehab Newark is dedicated to providing superior drug addiction rehab in the state of New Jersey. Drug rehabilitation is an intensive journey that each recovering addicts undertakes in achieving lasting recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Drug Rehab Newark gives clients the tools to successfully complete drug rehabilitation without the lingering dangers of relapse. Without attending drug rehab, drug addicts reduce their chances of getting clean dramatically. It has been medically proven that drug rehabilitation is necessary to break the chains of addiction.

With Drug Rehab Newark, substance abusers are cared for by an award-winning, accredited medical staff, and are provided 24/7 treatment around the clock. Patients are furnished with private bedrooms, gourmet meals, and are encouraged to participate in meditation, yoga, and group therapy to help overcome their addiction.

At Drug Rehab Newark we provide:

  • 24/7 Medical Support & Monitoring
  • Intensive One-on-One Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • 24/7 Drug Addiction Counselors
  • Extensive Lifestyle Coaching
  • Yoga & Meditation Sessions
  • Lush Open Outside Area for Relaxation
  • Physical Therapy Sessions
  • Weekly Barbecues
  • Open Snack Area
  • Full Salon & Spa
  • Private Spacious Rooms
  • Gourmet Meals

Drug rehabilitation can seem daunting when you are unfamiliar with what treatment entails. Below we outlined the different stages of rehabilitation, and the ideal candidates for each program. Understanding your unique needs is critical to enrolling in the right drug rehabilitation program for you.

Understanding Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation with Drug Rehab Newark

The rehabilitation process is different for each individual. In response to the varied needs of recovering substance abusers, there are different levels of rehabilitation available to aptly treat addiction effectively. Choosing the addiction program that focuses on your specific needs is critical for recovery. Drug Rehab Newark ensures that each patient receives the individualized treatment required to successfully regenerate recovering drug addicts and alcoholics.

Drug Rehab Newark provides the pinnacle in Alcohol Rehab and Heroin Rehab , in addition to

  • Cocaine Rehabilitation Treatment
  • Prescription Rehabilitation Treatment
  • Marijuana Rehabilitation Treatment
  • Designer Drugs Rehabilitation Treatment and beyond

Don’t wait to overcome addiction today. Call Drug Rehab Newark and begin your journey to sobriety, (973) 947-8129.

Drug Rehab Stage 1

Inpatient Medical Detox: The initial stage of addiction treatment i s focused on cleansing your body of any addictive substance. At this time patients will experience withdrawal and will begin the initial stages of therapy. Drug Rehab Newark’s doctors and medical assistants are with patients every step of the way to administer medications to prevent the sickness that is ascribed to withdrawal.

Medical detoxification typically lasts for one to two weeks, but can be extended for a period of months depending on how heavily addicted patients are.

What is the Rehab Goal? To cleanse the body of addictive substances to prepare patients for continuing therapy.

The Ideal Patient for Inpatient Medical Detox: Patients who are beginning addiction treatment and need to be weaned off of addictive substances are ideal for detox treatment. In fact, patients are required to attend detox before enrolling in drug rehabilitation programs. Drug Rehab Newark provides the most extensive detoxification program, and provides therapy in addition to detoxification services. Patients who are suffering from withdrawal should enroll in a detox program to safely recover under the 24/7 watchful eye of Drug Rehab Newark’s addiction specialists.

If you want to stop using drugs, don’t wait another minute. Detox is the first step to your new life without drugs. Call Drug Rehab Newark today to enroll in detox to avoid withdrawal today, (973) 947-8129.

Drug Rehab Stage 2

Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation: After medical detoxification patients are purged of addictive substances, and are admitted to inpatient rehabilitation. Drug Rehab Newark provides inpatient services are entirely in its family-oriented treatment facilities. We focus on identifying the cause of abuse, and help drug addicts rectify behaviors that allow addiction to manifest.

What is Rehab? photoDrug Rehab Newark teaches patients how to overcome their urges to abuse drugs, like heroin, cocaine, and alcohol during stressful situations. Our expert addiction therapists and drug counselors teach patients how to combat behaviors that precipitate abuse. Our counselors will teach you how to effectively manage feelings of intense depression, fear, anxiety, and anger without drugs.

Group therapy between inpatient residents and family members are employed during inpatient rehabilitation at Drug Rehab Newark. Reestablishing connections with family and friends is an apex objective of rehabilitation therapy, and has been proven to help prevent relapse in recovering patients.

In addition to the therapeutic value of rehabilitation, Drug Rehab Newark’s medical doctors will prescribe patients with appropriate medications to help patients kick their addictions. Medically assisted treatment has been proven to prevent relapse, and help recovering addicts resume their lives of normalcy.

What is the Rehab goal? In a nutshell, inpatient medical treatment is the most intensive therapy with 24/7 care. The ultimate goal of inpatient rehabilitation with Drug Rehab Newark is to resolve the inner battles of abuse and begin medically assisted treatment .

The Ideal Patient for Inpatient Rehab: Patients who are in need of intensive care, and have yet to learn effective tools to stave off relapse. Patients who are in need of therapy should enroll in inpatient rehabilitation to figure out the reason for their addictions, and learn life skills to live without drugs.

if you are struggling with drug addiction, don’t wait to call to get the help you need to live drug free! Inpatient rehabilitation at Drug Rehab Newark was created specifically to address your unique needs. so don’t wait. Call (973) 947-8129 today.

Rehabilitation Stage 3
Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation: Perhaps Drug Rehab Newark’s treatment option with the most freedom, outpatient rehabilitation allows patients to return home after treatment. Rehab treatment typically includes therapy 3-4 times a week, and is coupled with drug tests. Medical and psychological assessments are still offered patients when patients come in for treatment.

Patients will continue to work through their internal struggles to get a grip on addiction, and will continue therapy to avoid drug relapse.

What is the Rehab goal? Outpatient rehabilitation is for patients who are able to function largely on their own without the chance of relapse. The goal of inpatient treatment is to begin transitioning from intensive care to independent living. Therapy is still an integral part of recovery. Relationships with family and friends are useful in solidifying the effectiveness of treatment.

What is Rehab? photoThe Ideal Patient for Outpatient Drug Rehab: Outpatient rehabilitation is recommended for those who A) do not have a severe drug addiction, but for those who are recently exhibiting substance abuse disorders, or B) for patients who have gone through extensive therapy and are in good mental and physical standing in relation to their addiction.

Don’t wait to get help for your addiction in Newark, New Jersey. Our outpatient programs are specially designed to provide the best rehabilitation support outside of our award winning treatment facility. Outpatient rehab allows you to care for your family, go to work, and maintain your relationships while getting the help you need.

Call Drug Rehab Newark today to begin your path to recovery. (973) 947-8129.

Rehabilitation Stage 4

Sober Living Communities: Also called halfway houses (or recovery communities), are designed to house neighborhoods of recovering substance abusers who are striving to reclaiming their lives from addiction. These residential communities are monitored by the addiction counselors of Drug Rehab Newark and provide ex-substance abusers with the discipline and continued support necessary to ensure long term recovery.

Sober living communities allow patients to live their lives entirely independently. Residents are free to come and go, often uninhibited. At Drug Rehab Newark, we are dedicated to providing a safe environment for drug addicts to transition from their old lives of abuse to the rejuvenated planes of sobriety.

What is the Rehab Goal? Drug Rehab Newark’s Sober living communities provide recovering victims of substance use disorders with the necessary freedom to resume life normally. We offer a safety net of addiction support during times of trouble. Sober living community residents focus on applying the tools they learned in inpatient rehabilitation to real life situations.

Drug Rehab Newark’s residential communities provide the security recovery addicts need to stay away from drugs outside of a 24/7 treatment center. It is proven that those who return to environments of abuse are exceedingly susceptible to relapse. Drug Rehab Newark ensures that patients always have a safe place to go.

The Ideal Patient for Sober Living Residencies: Functioning recovering addicts who have successfully avoided relapse and completed at least the first two stages of addiction recovery. Patients seeking community support and guidance for the confusing days after rehabilitation should consider sober residencies.

Don’t compromise your recovery from drug addiction. Call Drug Rehab Newark today to solidify our commitment to getting clean today, (973) 947-8129.

Individualized Treatment for Your Drug Addiction Plan at Drug Rehab Newark

In order to effectively choose which form of drug and alcohol rehabilitation is right for you, or your loved one, you must take careful consideration in the following factors:

  • What is your level of dependency?
  • How long have you been abusing addictive substances?
  • Have you attended treatment before?
  • How many times have you relapsed?
  • Do you have a safe environment to return to after treatment ends?
  • Does your family have a history of substance abuse?
  • What tools are available to you at home to cope with stress and intense emotions that precipitate abuse?
  • Are your family and friends supportive of your treatment?

Victims of abuse who have underwent treatment previously and relapsed are more likely to relapse again; a more intensive form of rehabilitation, like inpatient treatment is recommended for someone with a high rate of relapse.

Medically Assisted Treatment at Drug Rehab Newark

Understanding the sigma of medically assisted treatment for opiates and narcotics is half of the battle. Drug Rehab Newark rehabilitation and drug addiction treatment programs have been proven to avoid relapse and overdose fatalities, which are common in recovered addicts who opt for abstinence based treatment regimens.

Understanding addiction as a disease should be your first priority in assessing measurable goals for your long term recovery.

Drug Rehab Newark’s addiction specialists often prescribe medications, like methadone, suboxone, and the non opiate-based naltrexone to help recovering addicts transition from their lives of abuse to rejuvenated sobriety. These opiate antagonists serve to deaden the body’s reaction to opiates, and will not allow patients to become intoxicated from opiates while taking these medications.

Conversely, victims of substance use disorders will be able to function normally without the adverse effects of withdrawal that is typically ascribed to forgoing addictive substances.

Do you need help overcoming drug addiction? Don’t add to the overdose statistics! To get help today call, (973) 947-8129.

Avoiding Drug Relapse in Drug Rehabilitation

The success of rehabilitation is self defined, but avoiding relapse is the principal objective of Drug Rehab Newark. The following are crucial in avoiding relapse:

  • What is Rehab? photoAvoid old environments of abuse
  • Cut ties to people who encourage you to continue using drugs
  • Establish new hobbies to take up your time, a busy body is a distracted mind
  • Get a job! Those who are employed six months after abuse cut their chances of relapse dramatically
  • Express yourself in the arts, finding a vehicle of self expression is as crucial as therapy itself
  • Continue therapy, addiction recovery is a lifelong process
  • Remember that you are not judged by the culmination of your failures, but the achievement of your successes; don’t talk down to yourself
  • Surround yourself with positive people who support you
  • Remember that you are an instrumental key to your happiness
  • Keep a recovery journal to help solidify your thoughts, and identify lingering problems

Continuing Treatment After Graduation from Drug Rehab Newark

What happens after rehabilitation? Anything you want! Your journey doesn’t have to end when you graduate from inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation. Some recovered addicts become the best addiction counselors. You can become instrumental in someone else’s treatment and save someone else’s life in the future- but first, you have to save yours.

Call today for drug rehab in Newark to start your journey to sobriety (973) 947-8129.