About Us

About Us

Mike Tyson Speaks at Newark Drug Court Graduation

Drug Rehab Newark is a comprehensive addiction treatment facility serving the entire state of New Jersey. Our facility ensures those suffering from substance abuse disorders, including alcohol addiction, have access to the best medical treatment available today. We are dedicated to helping our clients overcome the throes of addiction, and we do that by using the best cutting edge technologies, updated addiction treatment plans, and providing our staff with continual training during their employment with us.


Drug Rehab Newark is comprised of classically trained addiction specialists which help guide our patients out of the throes of addiction and onto the path of sobriety. Our treatment center offers all-in-one solutions for those struggling with addiction and will completely eradicate the underlying causes of addiction. Some of our best addiction professionals have struggled with the disease of addiction themselves, that’s why we provide the best treatment for recovering patients, because we know what you need from more than just textbook knowledge.


In our environment of healing we are committed to helping you uncover the hidden causes of addiction to completely erase the chances of relapse forever! Our mission is to provide the entire state of New Jersey with the most comprehensive treatment to allay the heartbreak of overdose, and prevent relapse entirely.


When you commit to treatment with Drug Rehab Newark you are making a meaningful step to relinquish yourself from the disease of addiction entirely. We are here with you every step of the way to monitor your initial progression from chronic substance abuser to fully recovered! Our treatment center offers the full array of addiction therapy and treatment including essential services like life coaching, drug counseling, and personalized addiction treatment plans.
Feel free to use our contact page to get in touch with us right away so we can begin crafting your personalized addiction treatment plan right now!